NO! "OWNING" A Gun Is NOT Enough!

Or Would You Be Like Dr. Petit In
The Gut-Wrenching Story You’re About to Read…

Afraid… Powerless… Helpless


Dr. Petit seemed to have an ideal life.

A prominent doctor with a lovely wife and two young daughters, he lived in your typical suburban town in Connecticut. But his typical life was about to be turned upside down in a way that’s almost too horrific to even share with you.

But I’m telling you anyway – because you need to know what you’re up against:

Home Invasion Story

CHESHIRE, Conn., July 25, 2007 (CBS/AP)  The two men accused of a brutal Connecticut home invasion may not have had violent crimes in their long lists of prior convictions, but sources tell local newspapers the pair's record changed when they invaded the home of a prominent doctor early Monday morning.

Joshua Komisarjevsky, 26, of Cheshire, and Steven Hayes, 44, of Winsted, were arraigned Tuesday on charges of assault, sexual assault, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, arson, larceny and risk of injury to children. More charges are pending, state police said Tuesday night. The two men could face the death penalty.

The state medical examiner confirmed that Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, was strangled and that her daughters, 17-year-old Hayley and 11-year-old Michaela, died of smoke inhalation. The deaths were ruled homicides.

The girls' father, Dr. William Petit Jr., a prominent endocrinologist, remained hospitalized with head injuries.

All three women were raped, sources familiar with the investigation told both the Waterbury Republican-American and Hartford Courant. Petit was beaten with a baseball bat, thrown down the basement stairs, and then tied up in the cellar.

The girls, sources told the Courant, were tied to their beds and raped repeatedly, then left to burn after gasoline was poured around their beds and ignited.

The suspects entered the Petits' Cheshire home at about 3 a.m. Monday, planning to burglarize it, state police said.

Sources familiar with the investigation tell the Republican-American that Hawke-Petit and Michaela were followed home from a supermarket Sunday by the suspects. The men then went to a Wal-Mart to buy an air rifle and a rope, and then waited about a mile-and-a-half away [before forcibly entering the home and brutalizing the family for 6 hours].

"I'm thinking of the father. I can't imagine what he has to come back to," neighbor Linda Layman told CBS News . "Nobody should have to go through that. It's very devastating. It's just horrible."


Ok, so now you're probably saying...

"C'mon...isn't this home invasion story
just some sort of scare tactic?"

You're Damn Right It Is!


Jeff AndersonI've made "survival" the focus of my entire life.

My name is Jeff Anderson and I'm President of the member-based organization, the International Society of Close Quarter Combatants.

Yeah sure...I have a long resume as a decorated combat veteran of the U.S. military; did my time as an executive protection specialist, Certified Protection Professional (CPP), security consultant and Master CQC Instructor.

But NONE of these are the "role" I'm reaching out to you as today.

Today, I appeal to you as a husband and a father!

My wife and my three kids mean the world to me and their safety is my responsibility just as your responsibility is to protect those you love from harm.

If scaring the hell out of you is what it takes to get you to open your eyes to the fact that violent home invasions are on the rise and they can happen ANYWHERE, then I've done my job.

Problem is, most people that read these words will stick their head in the sand and if that's you, then...

I know at this moment you're probably saying to yourself...

“I'd NEVER let that happen to me and MY family!"

You probably feel like you've got it all figured out, right?

...that you'd "pull out your Glock" and waste any man stupid enough to break through your front door...

...that your dog and your 12-gauge are all you need to keep some psychopath from taking you and your loved ones hostage...

...that "that's what my home alarm system is for"...

...that "the cops will save me"...

...and that no handcuffs, rope, or duct tape in the world could be strong enough to hold you back from coming to the rescue of your family member being brutalized by the sadistic pervert in the next room...

I'm sure that's what Dr. Petit thought...right before he sat beaten and tied up in the basement, listening to
6 hours of blood-curdling screaming as his wife and children were sexually assaulted - pleading for him to help.

Unfortunately guns, alarm systems and "hoping" nothing bad will happen isn't enough to protect you when it comes to the criminal mind you're dealing with in a home invasion.

Home Invaders Know Your Biggest Weakness!


Home invaders know that once they put a knife to your spouse's or child's'll do ANYTHING they tell you to do!

WARNING: Home invaders are NOT
your "average criminal"!

They're Smarter...More Organized...
And MUCH More Dangerous...

...Because They Know EXACTLY
How To Control You
To Get Anything They Want!

Home invaders usually travel in pairs and while some are looking for valuables...

...many of these perverted pieces of human excrement actually get off on inflicting pain and suffering on their victims - often torturning and raping them (sometimes for days!) - before finally killing them!

The home invader knows that once he puts a knife to your spouse's or child's throat, you'll do anything he tells you to.

And the unfortunate fact is, no matter how "prepared" you think you are, it's actually quite EASY to enter someone's home with just a little bit of creativity.

Let me show you just how easy it can be to become a victim of a home invasion - let’s take a short little quiz:

How Would You Answer These
Home Invasion Questions?

Home Invasion

1. The best time for home invaders to break in is during:
a. Dinner time, when you’re at home.
b. Late night, when you’re asleep.
c. Afternoon, when you’re at work.

The answer is A - Dinner time.
Home invaders prefer breaking in while you’re at home.  The security system is more likely to be disarmed, and they can get exactly what they want just through extreme violence alone, without having to pick through valuables or smash windows and cause a scene.
Let's try another...
2. You hear a knock at your door. You’re most likely to open it if the person says:
a. "I have a delivery I need you to sign for."
b. "I’m so sorry. I just backed into your car outside."
c. "I think I just hit a dog and I’m looking for the owner."

Any of those choices
can be a simple, creative ploy to get you to open your door.  Most people simply open the door to see who's there anyway, but all an attacker needs is an honest face and a good line.  Once your door is cracked – that’s it, the invader has the opportunity he needs to strike.

Look, I know it isn't pleasant to think about...but it IS necessary.

And that's exactly why I needed to get this message to you TODAY!

Like me, I know that the thought of some twisted sicko
laying a hand on your family is enough to make your blood boil...

So Now You Have To Ask Yourself...

"Is My Current Home Invasion Survival Plan Really Enough?"

Frankly, most don't even HAVE a "plan" for how to deal with this type of brutal crime!

99% of the people out there live a "nothing bad will ever happen to me" existence.

They think that the police will protect them...

...that a neighbor will hear the screams and call for help...

...that crime only happens in urban populations and doesn't touch the lives of upstanding ordinary citizens!


These are the same people who end up as a front page headline in the newspapers because they didn't have the "survivor's mindset" you and I both know is needed to prevent and defend against the lowlife scumbags that target the most upstanding citizens like a "victim buffet"

But I have a hunch that this ISN'T the type of person YOU are!
Am I right?

You Know That To Really Call Yourself A "Survivalist",
You Have To Throw Out All The "Rules" That
Small, Ignorant Men Live By Every Day!

Let's face've at least made it this far in this letter and that says something about you.

YOU, my friend, are a survivor!

And being a survivor, I know that you're constantly looking to improve your level of preparedness and you know something that most people don't know...

...that when it comes to battling the kind of sadistic predators who will invade your home just for the thrill of need every sneaky trick you can pull out to survive!

Unfortunately, most of the home invasion information out there basically just deals with "lock your doors and windows"..."turn your porch light on"..."blah, blah, blah".

It doesn't prepare you for what to do once a predator is IN your home, has taken you by suprise, and handcuffs you to a railing right before he takes your family into the next room!

At least no other program prepared you for these impossible odds...until NOW!

Because today you have the opportunity to get your hands on the ISCQC's latest brainchild, a true
"home invasion survival guide" called...

Home Invasion Book

"Home Defense Tactics"

The Most Complete, Real Life,
“Down and Dirty” Guide To
Surviving A Vicious Home Invasion!

This is NOT your momma’s “don’t talk to strangers” advice!

In fact, your very mental fiber is about to be challenged as you're forced to consider the very real possibility of your own family being subjected to the most vicious acts of deprived criminals.

That's not easy for ANYONE to think of..but it must be done NOW because the time to "learn" how to defeat multiple attackers who have broken into your home is NOT when your spouse or children are tied up and taken hostage!

And in “The Home Invasion Survival Guide” – I’ll show you exactly what you need to know to throw off the attacker’s thought process, protect your home, and save your life –

Including how to escape when it seems that all is lost...

Extreme Home Invasion Survival Tactics
When The Situation Is IMPOSSIBLE And
It Looks Like There’s No Way Out!

"Impossible" Escapes Revealed!

Home Invasion Victim

Bound-gagged-beaten-duct taped! CAN survive!

Discover 5 sneaky "escape tricks" beginning on page 62 that would make Harry Houdini look like a high school talent show hack!

I won't lie to you...

The odds are stacked against you from the start!

No matter how "prepared" you think you are, home invaders show up at your door with their own plan and the element of surprise on their side.

In those first few critical seconds, it's easy to overwhelm you regardless of how well armed you are or how handy you are with your hands and feet.

That's why you absolutely MUST have a game plan for every single worst case scenario you could confront!

I’m talking about moments where most people give up – like:

  • Bound with handcuffs, duct tape or rope (You CAN break free and I’ll show you several methods beginning on page 62)

  • Kidnapped and stuffed in a trunk (it’s VERY rare you’ll be smothered to death. In fact, you can use your surroundings to your advantage by reading pages 68-69)

  • Brutal rape (do you just give in or do you fight back? I’ll tell you the best possible ways to survive - plus the absolute WORST question you can ask a rapist - on pages 71-73).

  • The $4.97 "spy tool" on page 79 that you can put in your toilet tank to unleash a surprise sneak attack when it's "action time"!

  • A cheap addition to you key chain (criminals hide it in their belts!) that can bust the lock of most handcuffs in a split second! Page 62

The "Home Defense Tactics" guide is over 80 pages of
jam-packed "how to" strategies! I'm talking REAL...

“No B.S." Survival Secrets Anyone Can Master To
Defend, Protect And Fight Back Against Even The Most
Violent Gang Of Blood-Thirsty Home Invaders!

Because it’s not just about surviving. It’s about having a plan to prevent home invasion in the first place, and being able to make your attackers sorry they ever chose you or your family as a target.

That’s why you’ll also learn...

Inside the sick and twisted mind of the home invader! To defeat a home invader you have to think like one. We're not talking about a "common criminal" - this is someone who has no regard for human life...and gets a thrill from watching you and those you love writhe in pain and suffering! Page 12
Are dogs a good defense against home invasion? That all depends. If yours is like the one listed on Page 20, it may not serve you as well as you need!
Step-by-step "family rehearsal"! A plan unpracticed is a crime scene in the making. I'll show you how to train every family member to make the right moves when they all need to be on their game. Page 22
The hardest question you'll EVER have to ask yourself (NOW...BEFORE something happens) that will form the entire foundation of your home invasion survival plan. (There are no easy answers but I'll give you all the pro's and con's so you can create an educated action plan!) Page 39
The absolute WORST MISTAKE every "real man" makes after being taken hostage that actually works AGAINST your odds of escaping with your family alive. (You'll recognize this as your first instinctual reaction. Do it and you're likely to get yourself or a family member killed as a result of your actions!) Page 40
What if you had to rescue a loved one being held somewhere in your house? The "room clearing" strategies you'll discover on pages 41-47 will instantly grant you the tactical skills of a high level S.W.A.T. team member!

Plan The Perfect
Safe Room!

Safe Room

A front corner room is a great option for a family "safe room" because you have two angles of outside view and escape...and can signal the police or passers by!

I'll reveal your "must have" safe room equipment plus the single most overlooked room on page 24 that's ideal for when you're forced to
take a stand and "survive in place"!

Plus..."Safe Room Secrets"
Known Only By The Pros:
No need for expensive bulletproof doors or high-tech gadgets. I'll show you how to create the perfect "safe room" that will act as a powerful force field between you and any madman trying to claw his way to your family. Pages 23-26

Make these 2 simple (and cheap) adjustments to your safe room door (1 on the left side - 1 on the right side) and any criminal trying to enter will need an M1-Abrams tank to get through! Page 24
Survival equipment you should consider stocking in your safe room now so you're armed to the teeth...and prepared for anything that comes your way!
The inexpensive "savior" you can pick up at any local hardware store that instantly defeats a "final blow" commonly used by home invaders to finish you off for good! Page 25


Own a gun? Well there's much more to "combat shooting"
than just knowing how to pull a trigger! A LOT more!

Coming Face-To-Face With An Armed, Deranged
Murderer In Your Home Requires That
You Damn Well Better Know What You're Doing!

That's why the "most prepared" buy a gun in the first place, right?

Look, the reality is that the bad guys are armed and if you don't at least consider the option of a home defense weapon, you're crazy...and you're at a SERIOUS DISADVANTAGE!

Unfortunately, almost all gun owners master their so called "tactical shooting skills" from what they see on TV and in the movies - the exact opposite of how you need to react in a real life armed confrontation in your home!

Hell, even the proud "range warriors" who can shoot a 1" shot group are only half prepared if they don't know how their shooting skills at a serious disadvantage if you're relying on your relaxed range skills

That's why we cover every single aspect of home defense weaponry...and how to "master your home" to gain and maintain the tactical advantage at all times, like...

The "corridor of death"! Know your home's "fatal tunnels" that make your vulnerable to an sneak attack! Pages 45-46
No guns? I gotta be honest...owning and knowing how to shoot a gun certainly levels the playing field a bit. But that doesn't mean you don't have options if you don't own a gun. On pages 74-80, I'll arm you with my the very best alternative defense weapons you've probably never thought of!
Light mount or no light mount? The startling reality you DON'T want to learn in the middle of a flurry of bullets. Read page 36 and you'll see why your decision could cost you a loved ones life!
4 surprising ways to ambush your attackers and regain the tactical advantage to take them out quick! (They'll never know what hit them after you discover these sneaky "psychological break states" on page 81!)
What calibre handgun is best for stopping a madman in his tracks? (You may be surprised at the "truth" you find on page 33...and rethink your current weapon selection!)
The home defense asault rifle? Yes...there are arguments for stocking an assualt rifle to protect your home. I'll explain why on page 31 and reveal the real-world urban story of when they were used effectively to defend life and property!
Why you must know your home inside and out before ever choosing which weapon, caliber, and ammo to use. Page 30 (Almost no one considers this very important factor!)

Home Defense Weapons & Ammo!

Best Home Defense Weapons

Which is the most effective home defense weapon for a home invasion:

  • Handgun
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle

In "Home Defense Tactics" you''ll evaluate the pro's and con's of each as well as the biggest mistake all the "heavy artillery" guys make (on page 29) when choosing "terminator ammo"!

(Hint: It has nothing to do with "stopping power" but it's nearly as important to your family that you get this right! Not doing so could cost you a lifetime of grieving that no law-abiding family should suffer...EVER!)

















Ok, I think I've made my case, right?

Now comes the moment of truth – the question I always hear from people as soon as they read this page or the harrowing story of Dr. Petit and say “I refuse to become a victim!

– They ask me, “so how much is this gonna cost me?” And I have to watch that I don’t positively gape back at them in utter disbelief and say --

“Are You Seriously Going to Put a Price Tag
On Your Life or the Life of Your Family?”

No Amount Of Money In The World Can Grant You The Instant Knowledge Needed To Know EXACTLY What To Do When Your Wife Is Dragged Off Kicking And Screaming Into The Next Room!

Listen, I want you to be as well-prepared as you can possibly be. Obviously – I hope you never, ever have to use the strategies in this guide.

But I do want you to have the knowledge that defending your home, your property and your family is your right and your duty. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

So I'm ready to ship the entire "Home Defense Tactics" manual straight to your door step for about the cost of a few of boxes of ammo. Just $67.75 plus $9 S&H ($12 int'l) and you'll be armed with the most advanced home invasion survival strategies to transform you into a complete warrior - fully prepared to protect your home and those who depend on you for their safety!

Special Limited Time Discount:

Just $47 If You Sign Up Now!


Go ahead and click on the button below NOW and let my team know where to send your package.

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Home Invasion Survival CDBonus CD#1:"Home Invasion Survival": An Exclusive Interview With Louis Awerbuck (Value - $27.45 FREE)

Louis Awerbuck is a living legend in the combatives field! Paladin Press author and an expert with the "combat shotgun", Louis states in Louis Awerbuck Combat Shotgunthis exclusive interview...

"America is finally learning the truth
about home invasions that other
countries have known for decades!"

Fortunately, Louis also spilled his guts in over one hour of non-stop survival secrets straight from his personal home invasion defense arsenal!

You're not going to want to miss such shocking strategies as:

The tactical "life-saver" to keep by your bed to make sure you're never unarmed (No, it's not just a "weapon"'s MUCH more than that!)
A small, inexpensive "toy" to attach to your keys acts as your silent "communication tool" with local law enforcement! I was shocked when Louis told me about this...and I went straight from our interview to the local drug store and bought one right away!
The stupid mistake most families make when police arrive! Responding to an armed home invasion is one of the most dangerous situations police have to react to. Louis spells out exactly what to do so you're an ally, and not an obstacle, to their rescue!
"Safe room" strategies! Where to go and exactly what to do once you're in place!
And Much, Much More!
(Over an HOUR of jam-packed secrets!)


Protect Your FamilyBonus CD#1:"Family Protection Secrets": An Exclusive Interview With Glenn Hairston (Value - $27 FREE)

By day, he’s a doting husband and loving father. By night, he takes down some of the ruthless and most notorious narcotics traffickers in the world.

And he’s easy to spot when he’s out in broad daylight with his family – which means he’s a marked man with a price on his head.

That’s why this guy knows a thing or two about protecting his loved ones. They are constant targets whose lives are always in danger. Discover what steps he takes to protect them...and how you can do the same for your family!

Exteme vigilance! How to scan and seek out potential danger in public places
How to creat an invisible force field of protection around those you love when danger can rear its ugly head from behind any parked car or street corner!
ATTACKED! Make sure your spouse and children know EXACTLY what to do so they don't get injured while you fight off a violent attacker!
And So Much More!
(Over 60 MINUTES of secrets you're
not going to want to miss!)


Get This Crucial Information in YOUR Hands
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The one and only real secret of accurate marksmanship.
The 3 step process that stops “wobble” from ruining your accuracy.
Massad Ayoob’s proven trigger control “shortcut”.
Straight talk about point shooting vs. sighted fire.
How to shoot well under pressure and do it FAST.
Proven techniques for keeping your accuracy high while moving.

How to cure a flinch... once and for all.


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Listen in as concerned (and well prepared) "Average Joe's & Jane's" describe their personal defense solutions and even their own home invasion stories in this 90-minute no-nonsense mind-meld of men and women who declared...

"We're not going to take it anymore!" tactics.

Hardcore strategies like:

Your first line of defense in preventing a home invasion! (Hint: it's NOT your front door! Take a lesson from executive protection specialists who know where the REAL danger begins!)
Home Defense Weapons! What's the best personal defense weapon to criminal who breaks into your home? Lots of our callers shared what they personally use and why!
Sneaky places to hide your home weaponry! Wait until you hear our Colorodo caller who has a nasty little surprise waiting for the criminal stupid enough to attack his home!
How to prepare your family to take FAST ACTION should you be the victim of a surprise attack in your home!
My personal "gang crippler" that I used against a group of 18th Streeters who hovered outside my rural home! I didn't have to fire a shot...this simple $20 "weapon"
I got at the local auto parts store
took the juice right out of them!
The Tactical Safe Room: How one citizen fortified his bedroom to surprise the hell out of a midnight sneak attack! (This guy is SERIOUS!)


Improve Your Home SecurityInstant Access Bonus #3:
"Home Security Guide" (Value - $27 FREE)

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Are you using the kind of locks on your doors that burglars look for as an “easy target”?

This guide shows you not only the right locks and security systems to invest in, but also how to make your home so unappealing to burglars, they wouldn’t dream of breaking in unless they were up for a painful challenge!


Simple Steps to Improve Home Security We'll discuss everything from tactics for lighting your home, to some of the most easily missed safe-havens for burglars. You wouldn't want your garden to be the reason your house was chosen...would you?
Other ways to prevent break ins. We'll look at certain types of equipment and other low-cost things you can do to make a burglar's life extremely difficult...and encourage them to simply move on and choose an easier target.
Are your door locks really enough? You might be surprised to find out which door locks burglars love to see on a door. Make sure that your locks are the ones they absolutely HATE.

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To your safety, security and happiness,
Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson
The International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants

P.S. Home invasion thugs are betting you’ll be too scared to act and too frozen to do anything when they bust down your door and attack your family. Prove them wrong and make them sorry. Sign up for the
Home Invasion Survival Guide today and get all three bonus gifts for just $47!

P.S.S. Look nobody is going to come up to you and tap you on the shoulder to say, “Hey buddy...a week from , Tuesday a meth addict is going to barge through your front door and drag your wife and kids into the kitchen after he and his buddy take a baseball bat to you".

If you don’t start preparing for these things today (NOW) -- both mentally and physically -- then you’re not taking your role as protector serious enough!

Don't risk your family's safety for a few measly dollars! SIGN UP NOW and put your home invasion survival plan in action!

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